Who's Who And Where's Where


Avie: My wife / partner. Primary caregiver and constant source of support. She is my best friend and confidant. 

Vinny: My husband / partner. Primary caregiver. 

Peg: My therapist of almost ten years. She has been working with me most recently in a DBT capacity. 


Central: Our house, commonly referred to by people in the Double Exposure Community. Two family home with 5 adults and 5 cats. Frequently, I am referring to the portion of the house that is ours where we do most of our entertaining and living. 

Purple Room: Our spare room where I kept most of my stuff and where we frequently house cranky cats and/or guests. It's also where all of my wigs live. 

UpstairsSecond half of our two family home and where things like Envoy happens.  

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